Football Coaching Qualifications

FTI Coaching Spanish coaching session

Within the United Kingdom the coaching system is run by the FA of each country, However each Football Association are all ruled by UEFA. Of whom are ruled by FIFA.

The coaching badges in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are awarded by UEFA.
There are many levels within the coaching pyramid.

All coaches must start with the level 1 course which is a basic understanding of the game, been able to organise coaching areas, put on coaching drills, and be able to demonstrate simple techniques.

Level 2 is the next step up and looks more at small sided games of 8 vs 8 and a function. The function is a drill based exercise where the coach must be able to set up the area, give demonstrations, progress the function from the basic skills to a more game like scenario. The small sided game again tests the coaches ability to set up an area, explain what he is looking to coach and then having the ability to stop the sessions and coach when coaching is needed. On this course the coaches are taught how to coach and are expected to pass a practical exam as well as prove that they have gathered enough practical experience away from the course.

Level 3 UEFA B, this badge is for coaches that have good knowledge of the game and looks at functions, small sided games and phases of play within an 11 vs 11 match. The preparation for this exam is a week intensive course, learning from coach mentors who show the coaches how to put on each session and express what is expected from them. After the week intensive course the coaches are expected to go away for 3 – 6 months to gather practical experience working with older players and practice sessions they have been taught to coach. Along with the practical exam where the coach must deliver 2 sessions, to the high standard of the coach adjudicator.

UEFA A. This coaching badge is for coaches who have a great understanding of the game, All Managers and professional first team coaches should have this award as it deals with the finer points of coaching the beautiful game. On this course coaches are expected to do an intensive course to learn from coaching mentors, they must then go away and practice what they have learnt on the course. Like the other coaching awards they must have a final assessment along with proof of practice hours. If the level of the sessions are up to scratch they will be awarded with the UEFA A licence.

UEFA Pro licence. This award is for coaches wishing to work with the first team at a professional club. Like the other badges they are expected to learn from coach mentors, practice away from the course and then prove that they have learnt from the course as well as from experience that they deserve to pass the badge.


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