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Football Training Camps

Football Tours International offer training camps for teams of all ages and abilities. If your team is looking for a pre or post season training camp, combining hot weather training and friendly matches against foreign opposition we will work with you to build and tailor a soccer tour to suit your groups needs.

With over 80 training camp destinations across Europe that include some of the best training      facilities available to hire make Football Tours International one of the largest supplier of       training trips in England. If you are looking for a Barcelona football tour or a football tour       Holland we will work with you to build and tailor a tour to suit your groups needs and budget.

Sample Barcelona           Sample Madrid               Sample Spain Training Camp

The locations are selected through their           Espanyol training centrequality of service and facilities with most pitches within walking distance of the              accommodation.Many locations will also have additional facilities such as spas, fitness           centres, gymnasiums,massage and                equipment rooms giving you everything you need to prepare or improve your team whether you are professional or an amateur club. FTI will ensure you have everything in place to put your players through their paces on a training camp


Most training camps will consist of two daily training sessions with club coaches (as an extra FTI can arrange for professional academy coaches to assist with some of the training sessions). Friendly matches against foreign opposition can be ideal to test your players fitness, new           formations and tactics.Friendly matches Many extras can be added to your training camp such as stadium tours, tickets to live matches, theme park or water park entrance, city shopping and           sightseeing plus much more.

To start planning your training camp please use our contact page to tell us your               requirements


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