UK Football Tournaments

UK Football Tournaments

UK Football Tournaments - FTI SportsTours

Throughout the UK there are a number of national and international tournaments that are played year round, most of these tournaments take place during school holidays or over bank holiday weekends and are held at many sea side resorts such as Skegness, Blackpool, Camber Sands, Bournemouth, Clacton, Great Yarmouth, Cleethorpes, Prestatyn and many more. The tournaments are played over 2-5 days and combine 5-11 aside tournament football with accommodation at holiday parks staying in either log cabins, caravans or holiday homes.

Blackpool Cup Bournemouth Classic Wales Challenge CupCleethorpes Classic Great Yarmouth Soccer Challenge

There are some Large international tournaments thatWarrior Keel Cup are held in the UK no larger than the Warrior Keele Cup. This is a tournament that has recreational and an elite section to their tournament. It is played each year at the start of August and is played at Keele University with participants staying on the university campus.  Other International tournaments held in the UK include the Aces National football tournament, Arsenal International Soccer Festival, The Loch Lomond Youth Soccer Festival and the Glasgow Easter Cup

Aces National Football Tournament loch lomand cup Glasgow International Cup Arsenal international festival


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