Spanish Coaching

Spanish coach travels to England to work with local clubs and schools.

Spanish coaching

On March the 10th 2014 Albert Vilnas a top Catalan coach from Barcelona visited the UK in partnership with Football Tours International to deliver some training sessions with football clubs and schools that are connected with FTI.

Albert was in the UK for 3 nights and visited three junior football clubs, three high schools and One college ranging between Reading, Bristol, Leicester and Leeds. Alberts plan was to pass on the Spanish philosophy of football where the number one aspect of playing football is the ball.

Spanish coaching session Spanish coaching session

Albert told the groups that who ever had control of the ball for the longest period of the match would normally create more chances on goal therefore winning the game. The training sessions worked on a number of small drills working with the ball looking at control, gaining space and possession as a team.

Each group that worked with Albert found the sessions a great experience and different to what they would normally do in their training sessions.

Spanish coaching sessions

Football Tours International used Alberts sessions to make contact with a number of schools and clubs to let them know about the tours and coaching opportunities they offer throughout Europe and world wide.

For more information on how your club can receive coaching from Albert and other Spanish coaches please contact FTI Sports Tours today

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