Experience the highs and lows of one of the best youth international tournaments in Europe.

The Barcelona Mare Nostrum Cup is an international youth football tournament held annually in Barcelona, Spain. It is organized by Mare Nostrum Cup Sports Events and attracts teams from various countries and age groups. The tournament focuses on promoting youth football and providing a platform for young players to showcase their skills and compete against teams from different backgrounds.

Age Categories: The tournament caters for different age categories, ranging from U9 to U19. This allows teams to participate according to the age group of their players, ensuring fair competition.

International Participation: Teams from around the world participate in the Barcelona Mare Nostrum Cup, creating a diverse and competitive atmosphere. It provides an opportunity for players to experience different playing styles and cultural exchange.

Multiple Venues: The tournament takes place across various football venues in Tarragona, providing teams with the chance to play in different stadiums and facilities. The main facility is the Futbol Salou complex which hosts 16 football fields and is a year-round training facility for professional and international teams across all age groups.  

Tournament Format: The Barcelona Mare Nostrum Cup usually follows a tournament format with group stages followed by knockout or conciliation rounds. Teams compete in a league format followed by either a knockout or placing fixture on the Saturday evening with the successful teams competing in the semi-final and final on the Sunday morning with only 1 team ultimately win the championship at each age group.

High-Quality Organization: The event is known for its well-organized structure, professional staff, and attention to detail. The organizers strive to create a positive and enjoyable experience for participants, ensuring fair play, efficient scheduling, and excellent facilities. The tournament is will enter its 22nd year in 2024

Cultural and Social Activities: In addition to the football matches, the Barcelona Mare Nostrum Cup often includes cultural and social activities for participants. This may include sightseeing tours, team-building activities, and opportunities to experience the vibrant city of Barcelona.

Talent Identification: The tournament attracts scouts and talent evaluators from professional clubs who are on the lookout for promising young players. Exceptional performances in the tournament can provide opportunities for players to be noticed and potentially advance their football careers.


Attracting over 300 teams from across the globe the Barcelona Mare Nostrum Cup is quickly becoming one of the biggest and best youth international tournaments in Europe if not the world and FTI Sports Tours are proud to be the official English partners of the tournament for a 6th year. The 2024 version will see the tournament enter its 22nd year running the event and we expect the age groups to fill up quickly so please book early to avoid disappointment.

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