FTI Sports Tours is a sports tour operator that specializes in organizing and facilitating sports tours for teams, schools, clubs, and organizations. They offer customized tour packages for various sports, including football (soccer), rugby, hockey, basketball, and more. The company is entering its 13th year as a tour specialist working with thousands of travellers each year creating memories that will last a lifetime. At FTI we help with the following.

  1. Tour Planning and Organization: FTI Sports Tours assists in planning and organizing sports tours, including itinerary development, accommodation arrangements, transportation logistics, and scheduling of matches or tournaments.
  2. International and Domestic Tours: FTI offer both international and domestic sports tours, catering to the specific needs and preferences of the teams or groups. International tours provide the opportunity to play against teams from different countries and experience different cultures.
  3. Tailored Tour Packages: FTI Sports Tours creates customized tour packages based on the requirements and objectives of the team or group. They take into consideration factors such as team size, age group, skill level, preferred destinations, and desired tour duration.
  4. Training Camps and Fixtures: FTI can arrange training camps and friendly fixtures for teams during their sports tours. This includes securing suitable training facilities, scheduling matches against local teams, and providing opportunities for skill development and tactical training.
  5. Accommodation and Transportation: FTI Sports Tours takes care of arranging suitable accommodations, whether it’s hotels, sports complexes, or boarding facilities, depending on the specific needs and budget of the team or group. We also handle transportation logistics, including ground transportation, transfers between venues and return airport transfers. FTI work closely with an ATOL bonded flight partner to help source group flights to ensure we cover every aspect of your tour.  
  6. Sightseeing and Cultural Experiences: Alongside the sports activities, FTI Sports Tours often includes sightseeing and cultural experiences in our tour packages. This allows participants to explore the host destination, visit popular attractions, and engage in cultural activities to enhance their overall tour experience.
  7. Support and On-Site Staff: FTI Sports Tours provides on-site support through experienced staff who accompany the teams or groups during their tours. They assist with logistics, coordinate matches and training sessions, and ensure the smooth operation of the tour.